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“Politics is a neutron around which all energies grow and
lighten up and a Government is the only warden
under which a state along with its citizens
can blossom and prosper”

Pranav Kumar


"Being a Chemical Engineer by education, I quit my engineering career and went against the tradition of our society challenging the equilibrium to perform my duties which I always felt I was made to do and had been doing since my school days. I chose to work with the independent Member of Legislative Assembly from 21, Dhaka Assembly Seat, East Champaran, Bihar, Mr. Pawan Kumar Jaiswal as his secretary, though I was lucky enough to have got such opportunity through Indian Student Parliament. I realized while working in Champaran that everyone from our society keeps a quite dumping view for such work of being associated with a politician ignoring the fact that I had a herculean responsibility of over 2.5 Lacs people of our constituency along with the MLA. And shockingly I had to face this discarding attitude starting from my own family (except my sister), the people who are my own and whom I trust the most. But on the other hand we can’t deny the fact that in every college there are 5 to 10 such passionate and proficient young dynamic youths who are ready to face that dumping attitude of our society and move on to fulfil their dreams this way, but they don’t have any such platform to showcase their talents. And I could even make out that every politician need such helping hands to assist in their all developmental as well as political activities and also, that they don’t have any idea of how to get such professionals.

Thus, the idea of Nacion Developers and Consultants (NDC) was envisioned, supported and amended by some reformers who are the founder members. NDC would be giving a floor to novel minds from all sections of society to provide required services to the standing public representative. I believe, once the political system will be organized with skilled persons working in it, there would be no need of extra social or progressive services as politics is a neutron around which all energies grow and lighten up all.

In order to arrest the growing cynicism and apathy in our democratic structure we need men and women who are conscious of their roles and responsibilities as citizens of the country to flourish and renovate our democratic structure. I am confident that this initiative will provide such revolutionary minds a better platform for public life and help them in bringing positive changes in the democratic system, good governance and leadership quality and will be a commemorative event of everlasting merit which will showcase the inborn talents of the youth. NDC would groom such young minds from across the nation to understand better their role in participative democracy and prepare them for the challenging task of national reconstruction and social changes that lie ahead. The pledge taken at the dawn of independence is yet to be fulfilled. I wish the dynamic and eminent team of NDC to renew the pledge taken by Pt. Jawarhar Lal Nehru and fight the prevailing inequality, exploitation, hunger, unemployment, with all the fervour at their command so that people do not lose faith in democracy and the parliamentary form of governance and the society starts keeping an acquiring view for such responsible works.

Here, I call upon all the honest, hard working and dedicated change seekers to join us to imbibe the teachings of the Founding Fathers of our Republic and their relevance in making India a vibrant democracy that seeks to empower all its citizens, irrespective of their origins and economic status. Given the force, power and direction in which the youths are heading, I have no iota of doubt that this glorious task will be accomplished"

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